Material Transfer: Side-load container dumper

Material Transfer offers the side-load hydraulic lift and dump container dumper. It safely discharges containers of free-flowing material into an existing process at 81 in. above floor level and is available with discharge heights up to 40 ft, rotation to 180 deg, for any size drum or container.

Side-load hydraulic lift and dump container dumper
Side-load hydraulic lift and dump container dumper

A stainless-steel sanitary design, provides a clean operation designed for operating within food processing environments. System utilizes a two-speed hydraulic system which provides excellent rotational control and extended equipment life.

Unit features a custom container and pallet retention system, automated controls, and three (3) sided safety light curtain guarding package for safe and efficient operation. MTS exclusive lifting assembly package provides low clearance container rotation.

Units are custom designed for customer application requirements.

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