Multi-Conveyor: Accumulation conveyor system

Multi-Conveyor’s single-lane, offline alpine-style accumulation conveyor is designed to detect and accept various sizes of bottled salad dressings.

Alpine-style accumulation conveyor
Alpine-style accumulation conveyor

Accumulated product will be staged and allowed to be redirected towards downstream equipment when upstream product flow is halted, allowing the accumulator to empty. The system will stop and restart accumulation as designed. The customer does have ability to override and force all product to go into the accumulator using our controls.

The alpine is controlled by photo-eyes, proximity switches, solenoids, and filter regulators. When triggered, pneumatic clamps will extend and divert product traffic directly into the vertical accumulator. Additional manual shut-offs were also installed.

Watch how this single bottle maintains stability when it is not supported by bottles on either side or in a row. The system smoothly moves product on the accumulator, both incline and decline, through lane transfers or jogs as required for proper side-to-side conveyor transfer with ease and confidence. (Note: product shown in the video is for demonstration purposes only.)

The line employs non-powered corner disk assemblies for reduced chain loading, minimizing motor sizing which results in less power requirements - which saves money. Corner disks will improve carry chain wear and provide more desirable conveying performance in radius curves.

Upon exit the product enters a multi-strand chain transfer for 2:1 product merge.

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