Stiavelli: Packaging system

Stiavelli launches the SVML/SDFQ packaging system featuring a SPC20 weigher. It consists of a continuous/linear motion packaging machine combined with a carousel equipped with fully motorized stations, which allows for speeds up to 100 ppm.

SPC20 weigher
SPC20 weigher

It can produce packages with double square bottom, double square bottom with four welds, square bottom, square bottom with four welds, and alternatively pillow bags via a bypass device.

Electronic management takes place via the unique Omron PAC and operator interface which is fitted with a 12" color touch-screen panel.

The SPC20 weigher is equipped with 20 hoppers and is completed with a central conveying system and double shutter in the discharge cone which minimizes product breakdowns. The highest speed version includes a continuous motion packaging unit and is able to pack up to 130 bags/min. Stiavelli multihead weighers deliver guaranteed high performance due to their remarkable accuracy and reliability.

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