Multifeeder: Hygienic wash-down feeder

Multifeeder announces the Hygienic Wash-Down Feeder 600 for precision placement of products up to 600 mm wide. It is designed for food and pharmaceutical applications such as pizza manufacturing, bakery packaging, meat packaging, and pharmaceutical clean room packaging.

Hygienic Wash-Down Feeder 600
Hygienic Wash-Down Feeder 600

The HWD 600 Feeder complies with IP66 and NEMA4X and is CE compliant. Its unique design allows for cleaning in place without the inconvenience of removing the feeder from the production line for cleaning. This saves production line down time due to disassembly and avoids risk of improper reassembly. This capability is achieved by designing out all possible cavities to avoid contaminant collection, passivated stainless steel construction and high-tech seal utilization that can tolerate pressurized wash-down cleaning.

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