Multi-Conveyor: Servo-belt case conveyors

Multi-Conveyor recently provided stainless steel constructed conveyors on its servo belt merging system. Servos and ARB technology are used to merge a maximum throughput of 42 total cases/min that enter the system from any of three lanes that each are capable of delivering 20 CPM.

Servo belt merging system
Servo belt merging system

A newly released video has been slowed down in one section to point out how photo eyes detect case positions for precisely stopping and starting the conveyors to avoid collision. You will see the cases move downstream will be halted or allowed to proceed at each merge location based on case traffic and photo eye sensed positions.

Among the system’s 30 drives are (5) servos and six (6) brake motors to accomplish the merge requirements, as the additional drives deliver empty cases and bagged product to the system. Forty (40) photo eyes were employed to track case positions in relation to the upstream and downstream conveyors, providing smooth merging at the customer requested rate of 42 cases per minute.

Compny's electrical team designs and builds the NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X rated systems, using UL certified servos, VFDs, sensors, and other control related components as needed.

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