Fogg Filler: Chemical bottle sanitizer

The Rotary Microb-Blaster® chemical bottle sanitizer from Fogg Filler is designed to give bottles longer contact time with a sanitizing product before reaching the rinser/filler. Unit is available in two models: the Microb-Blaster® 100 for any size machine depending on speeds and the Microb-Blaster®200 allows for 2.2 times more contact time.

Rotary Microb-Blaster®
Rotary Microb-Blaster®

The Rotary Microb-Blasters® do not invert your bottle. Jets distribute a controlled, turbulent spray into your bottles. This is similar to pressure washing your car, and creates a foam to cover more surface area. In addition to the jets rinsing the inside of your bottles, the Microb-Blaster® also includes a neck rinse for the exterior of your bottle. These sanitizers can be coupled directly with the rinser or placed further away for even greater contact time. Fogg can even do 90-degree versions or inline to facilitate your plant layout. With the Fogg Rotary Microb-Blaster®, we have had customers see 1-2 log increase in sterility in their bottles.

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