Multi-Conveyor: Upender conveyor technology

Stainless-steel tabletop system from Multi-Conveyor is designed to rotate bag-in-box cartons from wide edge to narrow edge leading using simple gravity with minimal guidance for reorientation. A single-lane, slave-driven timing belt supports cartons on the right hand side, allowing the bottom of the cartons to rotate down counter-clockwise to a 4-1/2" wide tabletop conveyor.

Upender conveyor
Upender conveyor

A video shows how gently the boxes drop onto the lower tabletop section. Minimizing product damage at the gravity drop was a key concern for this particular project.

The system uses a simple adjustable deflector plate at the carton rotation point and adjustable stainless-steel guide rail brackets for product control.

Infeed and discharge LBP transitions are used to create a smooth conveying surface, improving product stability while minimizing package damage.

The upender easily handles the customer’s required rate of 90 cartons/min, but higher rates can be achieved using the same system.

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