Tsubaki: Improved roller chain

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC announces the lube-free Lambda chain, specifically designed to provide extended wear life in applications where chain lubrication is difficult or even impossible.

Improved roller chain
Improved roller chain

The new and improved Lambda chain now features NSF-H1 high-temperature, food-grade lubricant impregnated into the bushings to improve chain performance and extend wear life. This improvement makes Lambda an excellent choice for food and beverage conveying applications, packaging applications, hard-to-reach drive and conveyor systems, and operations where lubrication is not possible.

Tsubaki Xceeder Lambda chain, with patented felt seals for preventing particulates from entering the critical pin-bushing area, also utilizes the new bushings and continues to provide maximum performance and wear life. The KF Series Lambda chain for high-temperature applications not only includes the NSF-H1 bushings, but also NSF-H3 food-grade rust preventative to withstand the moisture rich conditions in the hot environments in which it operates.

Tsubaki Lambda chains are available in standard box and reel sizes as well as in cut-to-length strands for both ANSI and British Standard drive and attachment chains.

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