Loma Systems: Improved metal detection sensitivity

Loma Systems has launched the IQ4 series of next generation metal detection systems, featuring improved sensitivity compared to previous models and a plethora of features purpose designed to deliver optimum production efficiencies.

Metal detectors for metallized film
Metal detectors for metallized film

With the combination of enhanced Auto Learn functionality, improved product screening and more sophisticated signal processing, the IQ4 provides significant improvements in detection performance. In fact, compared to previous generation IQ3+ST Metal Detectors, the IQ4 can provide up to a 35% improvement in detection sensitivity with tough-to-handle metallized film products and achieves this without having to result to complex or expensive simultaneous frequency technologies.

Operating between 31-882 kHz, all metal detectors in the IQ4 range are capable of automatically selecting correct operating frequency so changes in products or packaging that necessitate an alteration in frequency no longer require costly and inconvenient operator intervention. In addition, Variable Frequency allows processors to easily run different pack sizes and shapes whilst benefiting from improved stability and sensitivity.

All models in the IQ4 Series boast a newly designed 7 in. color touchscreen with a modernized and more intuitive interface that has been developed to simplify operation, deliver instant clarity to inspection status and provide straight forward access to a host of advanced functionality.

Horizontal search heads feature an IP69K rating as standard for the ultimate in robustness and making them capable of withstanding the often-arduous conditions found within food processing plants. The rating applies to the entire unit including the distinctive blue liner, brushed stainless steel case and touchscreen, without the need for protective covers.

Constructed using top-quality 304L stainless steel, corrosion risks are reduced, making IQ4 Metal Detectors the safest choice for food and pharmaceutical environments. All systems have the capacity to learn the characteristics and variable frequency settings for up to 100 different products.

In line with LOMA’s ‘Designed to Survive’ philosophy, LOMA’s IQ4 Metal Detectors feature a unique new blue sealing that assists in making the IQ4 resilient to a host of tough factory conditions, ranging from vibration and thermal fluctuations as a result of inspecting frozen products to harsh high pressure, high temperature wash-down with corrosive chemical agents.

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