Evergreen: Low-speed quart/liter gable top filler

Evergreen Packaging Equipment is introducing its QL-30 and QL-30ESL gable top packaging machines; designed for low-volume production capacity, the QL-30 can handle fill volumes of 6 to 32 oz (180 ml to 1 liter), and fills quarts/liters up to 3,000 cartons/hr. with a single stage bottom-up fill system.

Low-speed quart/liter gable top packaging machine
Low-speed quart/liter gable top packaging machine

Allen Bradley PLC controls and servo driven technology provide repeatable package performance and automatically controls fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size. Infinite fill adjustments allow for less downtime with quick and easy changes in carton size or product.

A simple and reliable high capacity infeed allows operators the opportunity to manage more than one machine at a time. An optional SPOUT-PAK System is available to enhance consumer convenience and preserve product freshness.

The QL-30ESL is manufactured with sanitization features to help maintain product quality, including the machine enclosure, HEPA, Auto Sanitize, and 35% H2O2 Carton Decontamination with hot air drying.

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