Mettler Toledo: Combo checkweigher and metal detector

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-1814! Mettler Toledo’s CM33 CombiChecker product inspection system integrates two key inspection functions into one simple solution.

Combo checkweigher and metal detector
Combo checkweigher and metal detector

Within a single compact system, products pass through a metal detector, then are weighed on a checkweigher. Products detected to be contaminated with metal, or that are beyond weight parameters, are immediately rejected from the production line into separate reject bins for each defect, eliminating the possibility of them entering the marketplace.

The CM33 allows users to customize this system by selecting from a variety of available options to match the needs of the specific operation where it will be used. These include selecting from a range of choices the most effective checkweigher and metal detector from the company’s wide range of options. In addition, a selection of available conveyors, guide rails, transfer plates, dual locking reject bins, and rejector types are available to ensure safe and secure handling of virtually any package type.

The check­weigher and metal detector set up and configuration are done at the checkweigher control panel, saving time and space and simplifying the operation. Product changeovers result in each inspection device automatically adapting to stored parameters for the new package. Easily customized from standard modules, this dual function system can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of any food, personal care or pharmaceutical production line.

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