Fogg Filler: Back pockets for bottle handling

Fogg has created tool-less back pockets to save users time and money when changing bottles on a bottle filler.

Back pockets for bottle handling
Back pockets for bottle handling

The changeover time with these tool-less back pockets is five times faster than the time it takes to change out standard back pockets. To release the back pockets from the base, you simply have to push the center button and the entire back pocket comes off. For your next set of back pockets to be securely mounted, you simply push the button again and move the piece into place. With the release of the button, the back pocket is securely locked into place.

The tool-less nature of these back pockets allows for easy change over by operators without the help of maintenance. These new back pockets come in multiple styles and can be retrofitted with an adapter to fit your older Fogg Fillers.

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