MOCON: MAP headspace gas analyzer

MOCON, Inc., is launching the Dansensor CheckPoint 3 portable, battery-powered, headspace analyzer; food companies who market their products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) will now be able to significantly improve testing accuracy, as well as reduce the time needed to analyze oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace gas.

MAP headspace gas analyzer
MAP headspace gas analyzer

The CheckPoint 3 features the latest solid-state sensor technology which enables improved accuracy at twice the speed when compared to the previous model. The unit also offers improved measurement stability. It is ideal for a wide variety of food products in MAP including meat, seafood, cheese, snack foods, salads, vegetables, powdered milk and coffee.

Another key aspect is that the oxygen sensor on the CheckPoint 3 is expected to deliver more than a two-year “life” which represents a significant improvement. The extended sensor life means a reduction in total cost of ownership.

The CheckPoint 3 features an intuitive graphic interface and is available in three models to meet a wide variety of food processor data needs. Depending on the unit selected, data can be accessed or settings can be altered via a web browser or a smartphone.

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