KHS: PET preform processor

KHS Corpoplast GmbH has developed a new system for preform processing; the InnoPET Silent TipTainer PET gently feeds preforms to the sorting unit, resulting in a considerable reduction in the amount of noise around the tilter.

PET preform processor
PET preform processor

The drop height of the PET preforms into the tipper has been greatly reduced. Where the rejection rate was previously at 3%, just 0.25 to 0.3% of all preforms are now damaged during tilting or by bumping into one another as they fall. The lower drop height and smooth tipping in stages not only mean that preforms are handled more gently and that there are fewer breakages on the necks; the adapted tipping process also results in perceptibly lower noise levels. KHS measurements record a maximum of 80 dB(A).

By reducing the amount of noise pollution occupational safety is improved further for operators working near the tipper. Best product quality is obtained by filling the optimized box tilter silo unit by up to two preform loads. The system is not just installable on new lines; it can also be retrofitted in existing and older plant engineering. All that the customer’s individual setup may require is a suitable software update.

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