Multi-Conveyor: Product-turner conveyor system

Multi-Conveyor offers a mild steel constructed belt product turner conveyor system to transport shrink wrapped flats of jars; this cost-effective dual lane conveyor belt turns products by simply adjusting the speeds of the side-by-side opposing conveyor belts.

Product-turner conveyor system
Product-turner conveyor system

The first single belt is running faster to provide an adequate gap between products to ensure turning without products colliding. The dual belt design, using Intralox belting, has the belts running at two different speeds that are set by product testing depending on product size and weight.

The steel roller transfers help stabilize the product as it enters the duel belt product turner to ensure accurate 90 degree rotation time after time. Jumping or unstable product during entry can reduce the accuracy of the rotation.

Bump turns are another cost effective case turning solution. Bump turn examples, fixed or adjustable bump turns, are a simplistic way to turn cased products with larger gapping.

Most of these turning solutions can be adjusted or removed when a turn is not required. Bump turns are most commonly used in low rate applications that do not facilitate a wide range of product sizes.

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