National Bulk Equipment: Pneumatic conveying for corrosive material

Pneumatic conveying system, specially treated to transfer a highly corrosive, granular material, uses integrated automation to minimize human exposure to the material and to optimize process efficiency with the upstream bulk bag unloading system.

Pneumatic conveying for corrosive material
Pneumatic conveying for corrosive material

To reduce wear, the pneumatic conveying system is constructed of specially coated stainless steel tubing and components. Process-critical components and valves are Teflon coated. Pneumatically conveyed material is transferred to the downstream wetting process, in batches, based on calls from weigh system sensors. Total system capacity exceeds 9,500 lbs./hr.

NBE integrated automation centralizes system control, communication, monitoring, and reporting using NEMA 12, dust-tight enclosures, and a single, UL listed HMI, designed and built by NBE. Operator exposure to caustic material was eliminated, and operator physical ergonomics were optimized.

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