Nordson: Adhesive hoses extend useful life

The new PureFlow hoses from Nordson Corp. are engineered to drastically reduce the effects of adhesive degradation and extend the useful life of hoses in high-performance environments.

Adhesive hoses extend useful life
Adhesive hoses extend useful life

When adhesive sits inside of a typical heated hose, it begins to degrade. The effects of this degradation include charring, discoloration, curing and odors. Adhesive degradation can also lead to nozzle-clogging char, resulting in costly downtime and pop-opens, and can affect the rheology of the adhesive, yielding poor adhesive processing and machine pollution.

PureFlow hoses are compatible with standard hot melt adhesives, reactive hot melt adhesives and most heated fluids, such as perfumes and lotions.

Degradation of adhesive used in many different applications—like product assembly or nonwovens—can impact the final product quality, as the adhesive color and odor can change in undesirable ways. Reactive PUR adhesives tend to cure within heated hoses and restrict flow, requiring frequent hose replacements. PureFlow hoses are designed to protect against these effects, significantly prolonging the useful life of the hose as a result.

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