Multi-Conveyor: 180⁰ product inverter

Multi-Conveyor offers a stainless steel constructed, washdown compatible, infeed and discharge conveyor system to gently invert products 180 deg.

180⁰ product inverter
180⁰ product inverter

This particular application uses circular guides that invert the product, front to back, while maintaining full control during the inversion process. Features include Intralox flush grid belting; bearing covers, finger guards and shaft-cut guards for safety; and slotted clean-out holes for easy-to-clean maintenance.

The system was designed to run at 125 ft./min. @ 60 hertz based on a product load of five lb. per lineal foot of conveyor (distributed load) with no accumulation.

Grippers and starwheels are also inversion solutions manufactured by Multi-Conveyor. Grippers use a "soft touch" approach that keep the most fragile of products in control at all times. Starwheels or case flippers are commonly used for larger rotation but can also handle delicate products such as cases of glassed bottled liquids including wine and beer for example.

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