Thiele Technologies: Feeder technology solutions

The new AT-72 and AT-112 Card Attaching systems combine the unique features from the Sure-Feed AT-2 and AT-3 systems and Pitney Bowes APAS systems to create a robust solution.

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AT-72 card attaching system
AT-72 card attaching system

They operate at speeds up to 20,000 pieces per hour and consistently produce finished products with up to +/- 1/8” tolerances.

Also new is the TF-1250 Packaging Series Streamfeeder, which provides unmatched performance and reliability. Building on over 25 years of experience, the new TF-1250 incorporates the most innovative technologies in the marketplace today, providing the best value. The TF 1250 is ideal for all non-nested product feeding requirements including batch-counting, on-demand, and continuous feed into finishing machines including banders, shrink-wrappers, flow-wrappers, cartoners, labelers and much more.

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