MGS Machine: Intermittent pick n’ place system

The IPP (Intermittent Pick n’ Place) from MGS Machine is a high-speed, highly efficient solution for companies in the food-packaging industry; unit is suitable for placing, collating, or batch-counting literature, pouches, trays, lids or other stackable items.

Intermittent pick n’ place system
Intermittent pick n’ place system

It effectively handles product at speeds up to 70 cycles/min., positively placing them into the target destination. In addition, tool-less changeover and easy-to-use controls mean less downtime, while easily integrating with other OEM equipment. MGS recently customized the IPP to help a client handle pouches to be filled with candy downstream.

The custom bucketed magazine MGS utilized is ideal for small groups of hard-to-handle product. Due to an odd shape, the candy pouches were difficult to stack in groups. This solution allowed the client to effectively handle the candy pouches before filling. In the process, the pouches are cycled at 25 to 30 pouches/min. in a bowed position, allowing them to be placed individually and laid flat on a conveyor using a positive vacuum.

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