Heat and Control: Vacuum fryer system for snack foods

The patented Unitized Vacuum Fryer is a complete system that was designed and manufactured by Heat and Control to process 1100 lbs (500 kg)/hr. of finished potato chips and features support/auxiliary equipment including Vacuum Generation System, KleenSweep, Centrifugal Oil Filtration System, Heat Exchanger, Fryer Support Module, PLC System Controls, Automatic Heated Centrifuge and Fryer Support Platform.

Vacuum fryer system for snack foods
Vacuum fryer system for snack foods

This system is one of a kind in that there is no external vacuum chamber. The unitized design eliminates an external vacuum chamber: essentially the fryer is its own vacuum chamber. This makes it significantly easier to maintain and clean, requires less floor space and allows the vacuum fryer to act like a regular “non-vacuum” fryer.

The Unitized Vacuum Fryer technology offers product line extension for snack manufacturers so that high sugar food products that could not be turned into snacks with a traditional frying system, can now be processed into innovative snack products. The vacuum fryer will fry products with high sugar content such as apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, high sugar potatoes, beets and more without over-browning.

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