Arcil: Dairy filler

Arcil has launched its A5 FFS machine, which fills fresh dairy products into individual or multipack rigid plastic containers at rates of 1-2 metric tons/hour: ultra-clean technology makes it a highly competitive, modular and functional machine.

Dairy filler
Dairy filler

Like Arcil's A7 machine, the A5 features a user-centered design. Ease of use is highly appreciated by operators for the flexibility required on today's production lines, as well as greater ease of maintenance combined with optimum safety (equipped as standard with a mechanical LOTO system).

The A5's modularity – it consists of four assembled modules – means that it can handle fresh dairy desserts and milk products while offering a maximum of versatility for plant operations. For example, cup sizes and shapes and/or labeling systems can be changed or the dosing of a second product can be added, all in a matter of a few days.

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