Apacks: Single head semi-automatic mass flow meter filler

The ExactMass single-head semi-automatic liquid filling machine from Apacks uses Coriolis flow meter technology to measure the mass of liquid and fill liquid by weight.

Pw 59247 Semi Auto Flow Meter Filler 2

Changes in product viscosity, termperature, pressure, and specific gravity are compensated for automatically. The filling system can also provide sophisticated process control systems to track fill weights and product density in real time.

This affordable mass flow meter technology: is able to handle a variety of viscosities (water to 40,000 cps Including particulates); fills a wide range of product sizes (.5 oz. to 2.5 gallons); provides consistent filling accuracy; makes it easy to change over containers and products; incorporates a simple fluid pathway for easy cleaning (CIP); features nearly waste-free product clean up (fully drainable); requires minimal maintenance because of minimal moving or wear of parts; is easy to operate controls.

Standard features include: a Coriolis Flow Meter with tri-clamp fittings; one fill head valve; intuitive, easy-to-use PLC control system; Allen Bradley PLC control; product weight is set from operator interface; on-the-fly product weight adjustment; tool less adjustments; clean product flow path (no dead spots or gaps).


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