Uhlmann: Modular integrated bottle packaging center (IBC)

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas Booth #4503! With no micro-stops, no ramp-up time, and the ability to quickly complete changeovers, Uhlmann’s modular Integrated Bottle Packaging Center, the IBC-120 for all solid dose products, reliably packages diverse small- to medium-sized batches at a rate of up to 150 bottles, or 24,000 tablets or capsules, per minute.

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The IBC-120 processes round, rectangular, and oval bottles 45-200 millimeters in height and 25-125 mm in diameter.  In between batches, it can be reset to a different bottle diameter in just six minutes, with no need for format parts and tools. The IBC-120 is streamlined and compact: at five meters in length, its monoblock design combines all the essential functions for the packaging of solid dose products in bottles and makes it, on average, 20% more efficient than line solutions composed of separate components, according to the company. 

The IBC-120 is user-friendly.  The integrated packaging stations are controlled by a central touchscreen user interface--the machine adjusts to new bottle heights at the touch of a button.
Additional features of the IBC-120 include: ability to handle all types of caps; capping unit available with up to three capping heads; 100% counting accuracy using infrared counting system--tablet counter can accommodate up to four counting modules; master shift register to help guarantee product integrity and monitor the bottle discharge; enclosed system to help ensure operator and product protection.


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