Oystar USA: Compact 14-cup form-fill-sealer for food & dairy industries

Designed for the form, fill, and seal of food products including yogurts, puddings, juices, and water, the new Oystar Erca M-F 14 Cup Packaging Line from Oystar USA is a cost-effective machine that forms and fills cups of various shapes and sizes at a maximum forming depth of 70mm, and at a maximum output of 21,600 cups/hr.

Pw 53364 M F 14 Cup Packaging Line

The M-F 14--which meets all 3-A Sanitary Standards--occupies up to 70% less floor space than comparable equipment.  The machine also provides easy accessibility and an operator-friendly working height of 1050mm (41.33 in.).  Electro-pneumatic cabinets and filler are integrated into the base, and a simplified HMI contains only stop and start prompts.  The M-F 14 uses a standard Programmable Logic Controller.

Several optional upgrades to the standard M-F 14 Cup Packaging Line also are available, including: servo drive for conical cup labeling; pston filler with servo drive; lid stretching; pick & place packer; Oystar 10-in. touch screen; ionization bar with dust removal; recovery tank with return pump.

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