Industrial Dynamics/filtec: Filler valve monitoring for bottle/can lines

Designed to enhance Filtec’s FT-50/FT-70 Fill Level Inspection, the FT-50/FT-70 FVM option provides Filler Valve Monitoring and Sampling functionality to bottle and can lines, detecting and recording lowfills generated by each filler valve, and providing sampling of both the filler and capper/seamer at full production speeds.

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The sampling system can sample individual valves or capper/seamer heads or a full round of the filler or capper/seamer.

The FVM also displays the number of lowfills created by each valve sorted from worst to best filling valve.  The user interface views include sortable data and histograms of the lowest performing valves (requires SPT User Interface).

The FVM is available as an option for new FT-50/70 systems or as an upgrade to an existing unit.

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