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Thermo Fisher Scientific: Upgraded food X-ray system

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Xpert C400 X-ray system for detecting metals and other foreign objects in food has been upgraded to include an X-ray source with twice the power of the original model, compact sanitary drum motors, and shorter line configurations.

Pw 50984 Thermo Scientific Xpert C400

The X-ray power boost makes the system well suited for thicker, denser product and/or higher speed production, and enhances the unit’s inspection sensitivity. The system targets a broad range of food applications including challenging wet, semi-frozen products, as well as metalized packaging structures that do not lend themselves to metal detection.

The Xpert C400 also features a new compact sanitary drum motor to drive its conveyor. The drum is designed to improve safety and performance, minimize maintenance requirements, and simplify sanitation by enclosing all moving parts. Because the drum motor is part of the conveyor framework, the unit takes up less floor space.

The system detects metal, glass, dense plastics, and other contaminants in packaged food. It also can analyze an X-ray image to estimate weight and fill or determine whether a packaged item has missing objects. The system’s highly-sensitive detectors are available in multiple resolutions (0.8/0.4mm), and its suite of algorithms is designed to find small contaminants in complex images with few, if any, false rejects.

Designed to run around the clock in harsh environments with less maintenance and fewer repairs.  Meets IP65 requirements for dust and washdown and operates over a wide 5° to 40° C temperature range. Because of its modular design and built-in remote support capability, technicians can troubleshoot and service the system quickly, minimizing downtime.

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