Flex Essentials Inc: Sleeve storage system

Flex Essentials’ re-engineered sleeve storage system for the flexographic printing industry, the FlexStor IV, stores sleeves vertically so they do not lose roundness, helps reduce time of assembly, reduces overall cost, and can be used for narrow or wide web sleeves.

Pw 50927 Flex Stor Sleeve Storage

The FlexStor IV features include:  center distance of sleeves is infinitely adjustable for high density of sleeve storage; full view of all the sleeves in sleeve storage racks allow quick placing and retrieval; complete labeling system for quick location of each sleeve position; smooth-surface, powder-coated racking system allows for easy cleaning; few number of pieces to assemble allowing quick assembly time of all systems available; bottom of sleeves rest on a rubber mat, not on a steel shelf, adding a layer of protection to base of sleeve; modular system expandable for future growth; 2 rows of sleeves per storage rack help make all sleeves very accessible.

FlexStor IV can be used to expand existing FlexStor systems.

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