Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation: Bulk conveyor achieves speeds of more than 60 ft./min.

The new EC-Series Bulk Product Conveyor from Shibuya Hoppmann can be used as a bulk conveying system or can be modified to accommodate a bulk hopper for any prefeeding need.

Pw 48170 Shibyua

The low cost EC-Series conveyor uses formed edge product rails, which are slotted to adjust the amount of clearance between the belt cleats and the sidewalls. The conveyor’s rugged 3/8-in. thick belt cleats are suitable for heavy-duty applications. A product well at the base prevents parts from falling.

The conveyor’s speed of over 60 ft./min. allows for movement of large quantities of parts.  The conveyor also has a 304 stainless steel construction and an FDA/USDA-approved white PVC belt with heavy duty 2-in. tall cleats.

Options for customizing the conveyor include longer conveyor lengths, other cleat pitches, and custom chutes.


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