Unique Solutions: Inserting/labeling system

When tied to any V/F/F S cartoning or flow-wrapping application, Unique Solutions’ In-Pak & On-Pak continuous-feed systems assist in designing and producing either 2- or 3-dimensional items for insertion into primary packaging (In-Paks) and labels for attachment onto primary packaging (On-Paks), creating a complete, integrated packaging system.

Pw 47414 Us1000 Pouch Plus Elite Retouch 900

The internationally-patented, turnkey systems help eliminate production interruptions typical with other types of inserting systems, which often require additional line operators to replenish inserts and/or supervise the execution of the program. Items are produced in a continuous, perforated bandolier format, at speeds up to 700 pieces/min. for both 2- and 3-dimensional pieces, with an insertion accuracy of 99.9%.

Equipment is available for purchase or rental.  The company provides 24/7 technical service support including professional equipment installations, full operator training, and supervised program start-ups--part of the company's total “managed performance system."

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