Federal Mfg.: Extended-Shelf-Life (ESL) filling technology

Extended-Shelf-Life (ESL) filling technology from Federal Manufacturing, a division of Pro Mach, is a new 30-valve net-weight (non-contact) ESL filler with a 10-station pick and place capping turret that can be equipped with hot water sanitizing for juice or drinking yogurt applications or steam sterilization for extended life Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) processed milk or dairy beverages.

Pw 47091 Federal Pack Expo 2012 Final web

This new machine features a gravity/pressure 42-valve model filler that can run 5.0L through 350ml PET bottles. This filler features an automated clean-in-place capability with bi-directional flow of cleaning solution through the filling valves and all product contact surfaces. Neck handling and sanitizing systems can be supplied for filling and capping.


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