Romaco, Inc: Automatic tube filler

Designed for the primary packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics along with selected process technologies, the Romaco Unipac U 2060 automatic tube filler has an enclosed design that meets ergonomic requirements, and fills up to 60 tubes/min.

Pw 44842 Romaco Unipac U 2060 1

With its compact structure and a footprint of less than 1½ square meters, the unit is easy to access and extremely versatile. Equipped with eight stations, the technology is suitable for filling semi-solids such as ointments, creams, gels, and pastes. The products are filled into aluminum, laminate or polyethylene tubes, which are closed either mechanically by means of a series of folds or in a heat-sealing or hot air process. This robust machine has a maximum output of 60 tubes/min. and is intended for small-to-medium sized batches.


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