Eriez Magnetics: Plate magnets provide protection

Economically-priced ProGrade Plate Magnets from Eriez remove ferrous contamination from products traveling in chutes, spouts, ducts, pipes, and conveyors to help prevent costly downtime from machinery damage, protect against spark-caused fires and explosions, and safeguard against product contamination.

Pw 43922 Pro Grade Plate Magnet

Available in Ceramic, Rare Earth and Xtreme Rare Earth magnet strengths, ProGrade Plate Magnets allow professionals to choose the level of protection for their specific application. Ceramic powered separators are suitable for removing medium to large tramp metal such as bolts, nuts, and hand tools. Rare Earth powered separators are designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, staples, and clips. Separators powered by Xtreme Rare Earth magnet material are best at removing weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination.

The magnets feature all stainless steel construction and incorporate the company’s exclusive "pinge" style hinges for easy cleaning.  Sizes range from 6- to 24-in. in width.


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