Brecoflex Co., L.L.C.: Timing belt pulley

BRECOflex timing belt pulleys increase positioning accuracy by reducing play at the pulley tooth gaps with Normal, Reduced, and Zero backlash tooth gap designs.

Pw 42689 Brecoflex Timing Belt Pulley

Because most linear drives and systems require precise positioning, they do not allow for timing belt backlash. Repeatability tolerances can be improved by  allowing for backlash.

The company’s timing belt pulleys with Normal Tooth Gap design (most backlash), Reduced Backlash design (reduced backlash--“SE”) and Zero Backlash design (eliminated backlash--“0”) maintain the accuracy of the respective pitch diameter.

Besides the “Normal Tooth Gap design,” Reduced (“SE”), and Zero Backlash (“0”) pulleys are available in “T” and “AT” tooth configuration.

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