Tripack: Tamper evident banding system

The SPC-300 System from Tripack uses a 360 degree shrink band support system to apply large layflat shrink bands to round and rectangular shaped containers at speeds up to 200 ppm.

Pw 42529 Tripack

Originally built for the dairy industry to apply tamper evident neck bands onto ice cream tubs, the SPC-300 positions film around the lid of any shape such as salad and produce trays, candy, and bakery tubs. For tubs without a supporting "shoulder", the system is ensures the placement of the applied shrink band around the lid. Product always maintains linear flow, and a carrier plate support system wraps around each container. This moving carrier plate system is in sync with product flow, providing a positive, moving shelf for the band to rest, ensuring zero drag.

Additional features and benefits include:  Allen Bradley system control; complete safety guarding package; multi-blade, pivot cutting assembly; heat shrink tunnel; stainless-steel construction; runs 2-mil (0.05) gauge roll stock.

Options include: caustic wash-down design; vertical perforating; film turn assembly; static reducer.

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