Standard-Knapp: Servo-driven bottle laner

Able to handle a variety of bottles, as well as non-round and unstable containers, Standard-Knapp’s Bottle Laner is designed to distribute bottles from a single-file line to multiple lanes, but can also redistribute two lanes into three or more if required.

Pw 42164 Standard Knapp Bottle Laner

Powered by a servo drive and timing belt, the bottle laner actuates payout of a specific quantity of containers to the downstream lanes, ensuring the lines remain steadily supplied and balanced. A smart sensor counts each bottle or container that passes through the laner to determine that each downstream lane receives an equal quantity, guaranteeing line balance and preventing damaging jams.  When stopped, a brake rail, running the length of the laner, provides slight side pressure to ensure bottles and containers remain in the upright position.

The laner can be integrated with a case packer or remain free-standing.  Features quick and easy changeover in a matter of minutes by utilizing a user-friendly touch screen.

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