Shuttleworth, Inc: Conveyor reaches speeds up to 500 ft./min.

A new high-speed chain-driven conveyor from Shuttleworth, powered by Pro Mach, features improvements made in wear and friction engineering, particularly with its effect on plastics--a critical component to longevity in conveyor operation.

Shown: Optional Slip-Torque low-line backpressure technology
Shown: Optional Slip-Torque low-line backpressure technology

Utilizing the latest controls technology of PLCs, motion control devices, servo-motors and variable-speed zoning, the conveyor provides gentle product handling and precise product placement, useful in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and solar industries where these criteria are critical.

The high-speed conveyors can also be integrated with the company’s patented Slip-Torque low-line backpressure technology for handling delicate products, and its Servo-Infeed technology for ultra-precise product infeed, such as into wrapping and cartoning equipment.


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