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Thermo Fisher Scientific: System combines checkweighing with coding, verification

Designed for pharmaceutical and other products, Thermo Scientific’s Versa RxV checkweigher is an all-in-one high-speed system (up to 550 bottles/cartons per minute) that combines code printing and verification (alpha-numeric and machine readable) with checkweighing, saving both cost and space.

Pw 40147 Thermo Scientific Versa Rx V Checkweigher For Track And Trace

With the Versa RxV, manufacturers are able to select which code printer and vision system brand is added to the checkweigher frame. The modular build means that pharma companies can specify the exact components they prefer.  The Versa RxV uses a single operator interface. Instead of mounting separate user interfaces for the checkweigher, code printer and machine vision system, control of all functions are combined into one screen.  This significantly improves ease-of-operation and saves valuable line space.

A single brushless motor mounted in the back of the enclosed cabinet minimizes mechanical vibration while powering the infeed, weigh table and outfeed conveyors. The “knife-edge” belt design provides quality product handling when products travel from the infeed conveyor onto the weigh table at high speeds. Both of these design features improve checkweighing accuracy. 

Side belts with horizontal and vertical adjustment  ensure the correct position of the bottle or carton during marking and verification. The checkweigher also features two reject mechanisms—one for packages rejected by the vision system due to illegible or incorrect codes and the other for over/under weights.


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