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Southworth Products Corp: Versatile, ergonomic stackers

Stack-n-Go fully-powered compact stackers from Southworth Products are built on short but stable wheelbases, and provide maximum maneuverability, even in tight quarters.

Pw 39468 11500 Stack N Go Nr

Designed for use in light manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, and retail facilities, these versatile, multi-purpose machines transport loads on pallets and stack loads up to 7½-ft. high.  They can also serve as adjustable workstations for loading and unloading.

Stack-n-Go stackers have narrow, 62-in. high masts and offset control handles to give the operator a clear view of what’s up ahead, with virtually no blind spots.  The ergonomically designed handle puts all controls within easy reach, for maximum comfort and convenience.  Forward- and reverse-drive “thumb” switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate left- or right-hand operation.  An auto-reversing “belly switch” protects the user from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, while an automatic brake immediately halts travel when the handle is released.  Power is achieved via two 12-volt batteries, and a 110-volt built-in charger is standard.

Stackers are available in fork-over design for use with open-bottom pallets and in straddle design for use with closed-bottom pallets.  Fork-over models have fixed forks that are 21 or 27 in. apart (outside dimension).  Straddle models have an adjustable fork carriage for easy fork adjustment, from 12½-27 in. apart (outside dimension).  Straddle legs are adjustable from 40-50 in. apart (inside dimension). 

One Stack-n-Go straddle model features a 2-stage extendable mast that enables the unit to lift loads of up to 2,500 lbs. 7½-ft. high (90 in.).  All other models have a lifting height of more than 3½-ft. (43 in.) and a lift capacity of 3,000mlbs.

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