Cermex Inc: Slat lane dividers provide speeds up to 100 m/min

Supplied as standalone machines as well as acting as modular end-of-line equipment, Cermex’s new slat lane dividers divert, distribute, sort, balance or collate packaging prior to case packing/shrink-wrapping or palletizing.

Pw 38771 Webcermex

The lane dividers feature a robust design that handles primary packaging (sealed/non-sealed trays, cardboard cartons, frozen products etc.) and secondary packaging (shrink-wrapped packs, corrugated cardboard cases, etc.).  Multiple infeed and outfeed configurations are possible.  Product is sorted according to size, color, weight, barcode etc., and continuous ejection of non-compliant products is performed without stopping production flow.  The dividers balance the number of products per lane at the infeed of the case packer, shrink-wrapper or palletizer when products arrive randomly from upstream for efficient flow management.

The dividers also provide quick and easy format changeovers and easy dismantling of slats for optimal access to the mechanism. Can be combined with various machines: check-weigher, metal detector, barcode reader, etc.

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