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Bosch Packaging Technology: Horizontal long dwell flow wrapper useful for MAP

Bosch Packaging Technology’s Pack 301 LD (Long Dwell) revolving sealing system produces air-tight end seals, detects product between cross-sealing jaws to minimize cleaning time and reduce downtime, and provides simplified cleaning and maintenance.

Pw 38200 Webboschpack

The Pack 301 LD is particularly useful for the packaging of fresh, perishable goods where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is requested. Also, products packed in thick film such as medical goods can be easily sealed using this new system.

With a sealing time of up to one second, the flow wrapper provides a long sealing time to create hermetically sealed seams while ensuring equally high productivity. With continuous sealing, up to 150 packages/ min. can be sealed.  Seal quality is further ensured through a feature that allows processing temperature to be independently controlled on both the top and bottom sealing jaws. The Pack 301 LD can also integrate Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to increase product shelf life and reduce waste.

The new sealing system automatically detects products located between the cross-sealing jaws, ensuring that these packages are not sealed and are rejected after the sealing station. This new function eliminates contamination and detects any potential jams on the line, prevents excessive jaw pollution and damage and decreases the amount of scrapped product.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) provides simple maintenance and maximum uptime. The machine has been reduced to a minimum number of parts and is highly operator-friendly. Format changes and cleaning of crimpers are further simplified by easy jaw alignment.


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