TNA Solutions: Date code verification for food packaging

The tna intelli-scan® 2 comprehensive date code assurance system from tna accurately verifies products on the tna robag® VFFS bagger, while retaining a high level of flexibility and simplicity for food manufacturers.

Pw 37795 Tna Intelli Read

Fast speed image detection amplifies intelli-scan® 2’s ability to find miscoded or uncoded products. Highly-accurate and reliable, it processes images through its camera system to ensure that the date code is printed, complete and legible.

Suitable for a range of print requirements, it can handle both light and dark texts. With exposure times of less than 0.5ms and high speeds of up to 200bpm, the scanner is able to keep up with the current speed of tna’s robag® 3 series equipment, into which it is fully integrated, therefore maximizing efficiency. The user-friendly settings ensure ease of operation, whatever the application.

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