Scholle Corporation: Versatile filler for bag-in-box packaging

Scholle Packaging’s new SureFill® filler is a single-head, fully-automatic, linear bag-in-box filler offered in High-Acid, Fresh and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) models to suit the requirements of a wide array of products.

Pw 29922 Webscholle

The filler shares many components across multiple models, allowing the addition of modules for customer-specific applications or future upgrades. The new platform offers processors: bag size and fitment versatility; filling speeds up to 15 one-gallon bags/min.; decreased operations down-time with automatic changeovers; longer run periods between clean-up and enhanced product and operator safety. The High-Acid version allows processors to package shelf-stable juices without preservatives and provides large-volume customers with product end-use flexibility.  

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