Optima Machinery Corp.: Weigh system for powder dosing

The OPTIMA DFe 2-4 gravimetric dosing system is a self-optimizing compact weigher that reduces product waste to virtually nothing.

Suitable for powders, granulates, and grainy products, the high-resolution weighing cell is combined with a tendency control to monitor, evaluate, and compensate even smallest deviations from the target weight. Able to process up to a maximum of 5,000 ml and/or 7,500 g. The format range of the DF series reaches from 0.5 l to 25 l and/or from 0.1 kg to 15 kg, depending on the machine model. The machine version with 4 weighing heads achieves an output of up to 110 portions/min., and its components in touch with the product are made of polished stainless steel.
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