Weber Packaging Solutions: Modular label applicator

Weber Marking Systems’ modular ServPro 400 Series label applicator incorporates many modules--rigid or pivoting peel bars; direct tamp; tamp-blow or air-blow--and can be integrated with most existing production lines.

Pw 2171 Webwebber
Using high-speed servo drive technology, the ServPro 400 automatically peels labels from its supply roll, and precisely affixes them to products or packages as they pass by on a conveyor line. The standard unit applies labels up to 6.3-in. wide at speeds up to 130 ft./min., with ±0.01-in. placement accuracy; optional units handle labels up to 12.6-in. wide and speeds to 590 ft./min.  Can be oriented to apply labels to the side, top or bottom of products, and is available in both right- and left-hand configurations.
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