CombiScale Inc: 5-liter bucket combination scale

The 5-liter Big Bucket PrimoWeigher from CombiScale can accurately deliver product ranging from 4 oz. to 55 lbs., and is well-suited for a wide range of free-flowing and non free-flowing applications including:  cheese, clothing, confectionery, dry goods, electronics, fresh meat, and more.

Pw 2378 Webcombi
The PrimoWeigher open-frame design is simple and easy to operate, wash, and service.  All contact parts are completely tool-less and are supplied with quick disconnects for fast and easy removal. The swing out center hopper simplifies product changeover and cleaning, and setting the height of the hopper is effortless. Electronics are centrally and conveniently located in a remote mounted electrical enclosure at floor level.  The Primo Pocket Control provides remote control of all scales.  Part of CombiScale’s PrimoWeigher family of combination weighers, which include 1.5 and 2.5 liter bucket models.
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