Heat and Control, Inc: High-speed tray sealer with quick changeovers

Heat and Control’s Ishida QX1100 tray sealers hermetically seal almost any shape or size tray at speeds up to 200/min.

Pw 2491 Webheatcontrol
Tooling can be changed in minutes, without lifting, using a portable cart.  Ishida's Intelligent Tool function automatically recognizes the correct tool for each product preset for fast, accurate changeovers.  A Windows XP-based touch screen control provides instant set-up and on-line diagnostics.   MAP functions include gas flushing, vacuum-gassing, or seal-only operation.   Continuous gas analyzing ensures the correct modified atmosphere is achieved. Tray sealers are self-draining and have no inaccessible areas.  Conveyors and belts can be removed without using tools. Additional features are available to configure the tray sealer for liquid products, printed film, checkweighing, metal detection, and labeling.
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