Eagle Packaging: Palletizer/depalletizer

The z.Zag Palletizer from Eagle Packaging Machinery uses a vacuum system to automatically pick up a specific case and place it on a pallet.

Pw 2690 Webeagle
Designed for end-of-line applications where production is distributed over several production lines. Placing a z.Zag at the end of each production line is less expensive than using conveyors to transport cases to a centralized high cost, high-speed palletizer, according to the company. The z.Zag locates all cases on 1 pallet and begins filling the next pallet as the first pallet is replaced. The End Effector uses vacuum generators to pick up and place the product from above. It has a suction capacity of over 250 lbs. and is capable of lifting 40-lb. boxes at speeds up to 240 lbs./6 boxes per min.

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