Cognex Corporation: Cylindrical product inspection system

OmniView® 360° inspection system for cylinders from Cognex now comes with color and 5 megapixel high resolution cameras.

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OmniView 5.0 allows detailed inspection and verification of unoriented bottles, cans, vials and other cylindrical packages right on the production line.  Using the latest Windows® 7, 64-bit PCs, it inspects products at up to 1200 parts/min. without disrupting bottling and packaging lines. Helps minimize product recalls and protect brand image.  Reads labels and codes. Uses 4 cameras positioned around the conveyor to capture views of all sides of a product. These are mapped into a 3D model using proprietary Cognex vision technology, and then inspected using Cognex’s VisionPro® software library.  An additional 5th camera can be used to confirm that the lid or cap matches the label on the front of the package.  

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