Diagraph, An ITW Company: Thermal jet bulk ink system

Diagraph has introduced the TJ BIS350 Thermal Jet Bulk Ink for use with Diagraph Thermal Jet Printheads.

Adding the TJ BIS350 Thermal Jet Bulk Ink Supply to the product line provides a larger-capacity (350-mL) cartridge for supplying ink to multiple Diagraph Thermal Jet printheads. The bulk ink will provide over a 50% cost-per-mark reduction as compared to a standard ink cartridge. The TJ BIS350 expands Diagraph’s Thermal Jet offering, providing a full featured, low cost, high-resolution print system. The TJ BIS350 Thermal Jet Bulk Ink System is conveyor mounted, with ink line and cable connections simple and easy to install. The 350ml bulk ink cartridge is inserted/removed with a simple press and release toggle motion of the cartridge. The TJ BIS350 connects to the TJ print head via a special ink port connection built into the individual print cartridges. Ink is a pressurized bulk system and controlled using preset pressure regulator to maintain pressure as it enters the print head. This allows the Bulk ink system to be mounted above or below the print head. The TJ BIS350 is designed to supply ink for any combination of print heads totaling up to two inches of print height. The TJ BIS350 can plug directly into the last printhead of the Task daisy chain or can be connected via the accessory hub, along with other optional hardware (i.e. external photo cell, external encoder, ink beacon, hand held controller).
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